The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge 5499

Masonic news and events

14th October 2017

Installation of Worshipful Brother Harry Muir as Master of the Lodge.  The meeting commenced with a Lodge of Sorrow for Worshipful Brother John Churches called to Grand Lodge Above in May.

13 May 2017

An initiation.

8 April 2017

Today, an emergency meeting to conduct two Raisings, one after another. Brethren, bring sandwiches and flasks of coffee, it's going to be a long, but enjoyable evening. And watch the Director of Ceremonies closely. You'll find out how London cabbies can spend so long in the cab.

11 February 2017

W Bro Jamie Churches took the Chair to initiate his friend, Howard Desmond. Congratulations, Bro Desmond.

And while we're in the mood to congratulate, let's not forget W Bro Steve Parsons and W Bro Steve French, both of whom are to be promoted to PPGSwB at the forthcoming Provincial AGM, W Bro Andy Cook, who is to become a Steward, W Bro James Gillett, PPAGReg and W Bro Brian Simpson, PPGStB.

But above all, congratulations to our Treasurer, W Bro Colin, on his forthcoming marriage to Tina.

8 October 2016

Doesn't a year pass quickly. W Bro Andy Cook installed his successor, Rob Bates, on Saturday 8th October, in an impressive manner.We have candidates queuing up to be initiated, and Brethren to raise, so Rob's going to have a busy year.

12 March 2016

A double Passing - Bros Gill and O'Hare, and a ballot for the PGM as a joining member. The acting Tyler was not given the opportunity to join in the ballot. Could that have been because of his enquiry as to how many black balls exclude?

Right Worshipful Brother Bass, we look forward to your being with us at our May meeting.

Brethren, please note that that meeting will be on Friday 13 May, commencing at 5.30pm. We will also be meeting on Saturday 11 June 2016, at 4.30pm. Both meetings will be an Initiation.

10 October 2015

No longer Bro Andy Cook, now W Bro Andy, the new Master of The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge. Congratulations to you and the Installing Master, Brian Smith. And well done Brian, on the manner in which you conducted the ceremony of Installation.

15 June 2015

The Lodge hosted the annual Cluster Meeting of the Essex School Lodges this evening. All but one of the member Lodges sent representatives. We'll not name and shame the missing Lodge. You know which you were.

More than seventy Masons, including our future PGM. The main business of the evening was a play entitled "Talking Heads", which gave an explanation of the Holy Royal Arch. Not only was it very well received, but it bore immediate fruit. Our Master, Brian Smith, announced his intention to join the Royal Arch immediately the play was concluded, and was presented with the appropriate apron and sash in readiness.

 9 May 2015

Bro Andy Cook was declared Master Elect, to be installed at our convocation in October. Congratulations, Andy, and Brian, you've had a good year. Just remember that it's easier to get into the Chair than to get out of it?

26 March 2015

The annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge will be held at Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street.W Bro Tony Rose will be appointed Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, and W Bro Jamie Churches, Provincial Grand Steward (the jury is out on whether red will suit him). We congratulate both of them.

14 March 2015

Again, we have a Passing to be followed by an Initiation. Bring sandwiches and a flask.

14 February 2015

On paper it looked a long evening, a Passing, followed by an Initiation. However, the time passed swiftly. Congratulations to Lawrence on his being admitted, and to Keith on his becoming a Fellowcraft.

13 December 2014

This evening we balloted for two joining members, and a new member was proposed, to be balloted for in February. 

A warm welcome to our two new joining Brethren, Ray and Jeremy. We've already got to know you, as you've both visited us on a number of occasions. We look forward to seeing you climb the ladder.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Rodney Bass PSGD, an Old Boy of the School, paid us a visit this evening. W Bro Bass, we hope you enjoyed the evening, and that the time will come when you join your Old School Lodge , and will be entitled to wear that tie in our meetings just as you are entitled to wear it outside.

11 October 2014

W Bro Jamie Churches installed his successor, Brian Smith, as Master. Congratulations, Jamie, on the way you conducted the ceremony, and congratulations, Brian, on attaining the Chair. Have a great year.