The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge 5499

The structure of a Lodge

A Masonic Lodge is presided over by the Master.  He is assisted by a number of officers, some who have already been through the Master's Chair, and others who are working their way toward it via a ladder of progression. Not everyone wants to become Master, but every Brother has the opportunity to do so. 

For those who do wish to climb the ladder, the first Office is that of Steward. The Steward's job is to assist at the "Festive Board", (the meal that usually follows a Lodge meeting). In some Lodges the Stewards act as waiters, in some they run the bar. In The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge we have several Stewards, whose job it is to ensure that the Brethren have all they need at the Festive Board, and to organise the raffle.

The next role is that of Inner Guard, standing inside the locked door of the Temple, to admit candidates and late comers.

After a year as Inner Guard, a Mason will become Junior Deacon, then, the following year, Senior Deacon. The Deacons provide an escort for candidates, and for the Master when he enters and leaves the Temple.

The next rung is Junior Warden, then Senior Warden, and finally the Brother is "installed" as Master, which Office he holds for a year. Although the Master is in charge of the Lodge, he can be assured that he will receive a great deal of assistance and advice from the Past Masters.

The Secretary, Treasurer and Director of Ceremonies are usually Past Masters, as is the Chaplain and the Mentor.

The Lodge also has a Charity Steward and an Almoner. The Charity Steward's job is to pass on information about the Masonic Charities, and to encourage the Brethren to donate to those charities. We would refer you to the "Links" page to find out more about the  various Masonic Charities, whose work goes far beyond helping our Brethren alone.

The Almoner keeps an eye on the health and well-being of the Brethren, their wives and families, and the widows of deceased Brethren. If any of them are in poor health or in need, he endeavours to assist them as best he can, sometimes invoking the assistance of the Provincial Almoner or of one of the Masonic Charities.